McDonald’s Global Goals

McDonald’s continually tests and implements innovative, sustainable solutions for restaurant operations. These initiatives are aimed at implementing the commitments laid down in the Global Scale for Good Strategy of McDonald’s Corporation. Under these obligations in the field of consumer packaging production and recycling, the company has achieved significant success.

By 2025, in more than 38,000 restaurants in 120 countries, all food packaging and cutlery will be produced from renewable and recycled materials

3,5 tons less plastic in 2020

Key changes

Beginning in May 2020
the company has replaced the McFlurry cup with a paper one made from 100% recycled and certified raw materials, eliminating the plastic lid
From September 2020
plastic packaging for new Happy Meal toy collections has been replaced with paper packaging made from 100% recycled and certified raw materials

Another 31 tons less
plastic in 2021!

Thanks to the new initiatives, McDonald’s Belarus will reduce plastic use by more than 16 million units of plastic packaging and cutlery items.

Reduced the use of plastic
Step by step
Since January 1, the company has replaced more than 60% of all plastic packaging with more environmentally friendly alternatives of 100% recycled and certified raw materials: spoons, forks, knives, hot drink stirrers have been replaced with wooden ones, and plastic straws and cups with lids for McSundae ice cream have been replaced with paper ones.
Since January 11, all restaurants have launched Straw Upon Request initiative that allows customers to eliminate the use of straws for cold beverages to reduce waste and treat the environment more responsibly. In December 2020, this initiative was piloted with plastic straws in McDonald’s restaurant in 28 Pritytskogo Str. It found support and a positive response from our customers and allowed us to reduce the use of plastic by 50 kg for just two weeks in one restaurant.
By 2022 Belarus will become one of the first markets where McDonald’s will replace plastic toys at Happy Meal by sustainable alternatives.
Significant contribution to the ecology of Belarus!

contribution to the

ecology of Belarus!
Today in all McDonald’s Belarus restaurants, 100% of paper packaging is made from fully recycled and certified raw materials without damaging forests. The company has also implemented solutions to reduce packaging waste and make our work more environmentally friendly: r carton and frying oil recycling, installation of contactless sensor hand-washing taps in restaurants, refrigeration units that do not use hydrofluorocarbons, etc.



McDonald’s suppliers comply with international certification requirements for the key bioresources. Fish and seafood suppliers use sustainable fishing methods in accordance with MSC standards. McDonald’s coffee is grown with care for the environment and the people who work in the production facility. This is evidenced by the international UTZ and Rain Forest Alliance certifications and numerous corporate audits that every supplier approved by McDonald’s Corporation passes.

Thanks to each of you!

We invite you to join McDonald’s in becoming even more environmentally conscious to make our world a better place!

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