Our Suppliers

McDonald’s is responsible for service of thousands of guest everyday that’s why quality is the company’s main priority. Our menu is based on products which you usually use at home: vegetables, chicken meat, beef, pork, potatoes, fish, eggs, bread and dairy.

Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department regularly carries out inspection of the suppliers’ production facilities in order to guarantee fulfilling of McDonald’s requirements. Ingredients used in McDonald’s restaurants comply with quality and safety standards of the European Union and the Republic of Belarus, and in some cases our standards are higher than the official ones.

McDonald’s suppliers pay much attention to forage and seeds. A program on improvement of animal management at feeding farms has been developed and introduced.

Products are delivered to the restaurants by special transport equipped with temperature readers during transportation. Also measurement of product core temperature is made at place. We accept only products which have been transported in ideal conditions!  

An independent diesel generator provides products freshness in our distribution center under any conditions. In emergency situations it continuously supplies electric power to storage facilities till complete external network accident control.

Since 2010 our beef cutlets have been made by MarrRussiya, LLC, which supplied its products to McDonald’s enterprises in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. In 2013 Slonim Meat Processing plant became a beef supplier for MarrRussiya Company.

We use natural beef during preparation of cutlets for our sandwiches. No additives! No artificial flavourings or preservatives! The only thing we could add to meat is salt and pepper. Meat is delivered and stored under thoroughly controlled temperature conditions and subject to strict hygienic requirements. All McDonald’s suppliers are subject to yearly audit performed by European Agency on Products Safety Control. They also introduced an effective program of products traceability and identification. At any moment we could receive all necessary information on meat origin (for example, animal feeding, information on preventive treatment, breeding record). That’s why you could be sure that our beef is of high quality and 100% natural.

Farm Frites Poland Plant, built in 1994, is a supplier of famous potatoes for our restaurants. At present this company is the largest company in potatoes industry. Quality of products and standards of Farm Frites Poland is confirmed by certificates: BS EN ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004, BRC, etc. Also the company meets the McDonald’s standards for suppliers – MAAP (McDonald's Agriculture Assurance Program) and SQMS – Supplier Quality Management System (Food Safety and HACCP). Potatoes used for preparation of McDonald’s French fries are cultivated in accordance with brand standards. Fields are equipped by own hydraulic stations, special drenaige system, devices for irrigation control and system of fertilization level satellite control.

According to our standards the length of more than the third part of potatoes sticks is to be less than 7.5 centimeters. If this requirement is met, then the ready-made French fries are not only tasty, but also look beautiful. Not every kind of potatoes could be used for French fries making. There are more than 5000 varieties and only 8 of them could be used. The main potatoes variety for the Polish Plant ‘Farm Frites Poland’ is Innovator variety. It is noted for high content of solid matters and low content of sugars. It makes French fires crispy from outside and filled inside and provides uniform gold colour. Moreover, the form of potato tubers provides necessary length of French fries sticks.

Since 1994 Belaya Dacha Trading, CJSC has been an exclusive supplier of McDonald’s restaurants. McDonald’s specified strict requirements towards quality and safety of cut salad, that’s why Belaya Dacha Trading, CJSC developped and introduced effective system of quality and safety control of the manufactured products, which satisfies the requirements of GMP standard  (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The system is certified under FSSC 22000. Quality control manager and independent acccredited company carry out yearly audit on meeting of the supplier’s quality system the requirements of international food safety standards.

We control methods of vegetables cultivation, harvesting and processing and guarantee that the salad from McDonald’s was cultivated under conditions which keep its taste, freshness and vitamins. In all vegetables and fresh salad processing departments temperature is maintained at +1 – +4 °С. Such temperature conditions are perfect for vegetables processing and for compliance with all microbiological standards. We prefer to use Iceberg Lettuce in our sandwiches.  It is world famous for its pleasant sweetish taste and crispy texture.

Soligorskaya Poultry Plant, OJSC is the exclusive supplier of washed and disinfected chicken eggs in the republic. In 1971 Soligorskaya Poultry Plant, OJSC was a small enterprise with 52 thousand heads of poultry. Nowadays the plant is one of the leaders in the industry. Perfect quality and high level of safety of all products is guaranteed by control at each stage of technological process. This is confirmed by Quality Management Certificates ISO 9001:2008 and НАССР.   

For cocking of appetizing McMuffins™ we use washed and disinfected eggs of the first category. Our eggs are the first eggs in the Republic of Belarus which received a certificate of natural Belarusian product. In order to comply with high international quality standards of McDonald’s company, our supplier introduced and ran a special product processing line. Poultry growth promoters, genetically-modified fodders and fodders of animal origin are strictly forbidden! Feeding and breeding conditions do not harm animal’s health. We warrant that we use healthy eggs from healthy hens. Welcome for breakfast!

Our rolls supplier East Balt Bakeries is a world-famous network of bakeries and has been a partner of McDonald’s for more than 50 years. Nowadays the company’s enterprises work at four continents. The company owns 20 bakeries in 12 countries of the world.

We choose only the rolls which will satisfy the standards by appearance, by internal structure and even by sesame seeds distribution. McDonald’s white bread rolls are always fresh and soft thanks to special recipe, high quality ingredients and the latest baking technology. Temperature and moisture of bakery dough is monitored at every stage of production (pre-dough making, dough kneading, proofing and cutting). One more McDonald’s secret is in flour used for our rolls baking (80% of dough consists of it). It is made only from approved wheat grain batches and is to be matured for not less than 7 days but not more than 12 days. This results in fluffiness of our rolls and makes their crumb whiter. 

Russian subdivision of Huhtamaki Company is the supplier of paper disposable tableware. This company is a world leader in production of packing and disposable tableware which has been in business for more than 90 years.

The Russian Plant has been working since 1994 and complies with international quality standards ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO19011, BCP, OHSAS18001, PEFC. The company also meets the requirement of standards for McDonald’s suppliers; a yearly audit is performed by employees of McDonald’s Quality Department. High quality paper, which satisfies the requirements of PEFC forest management system, is used in the production of disposable tableware. 

This means that Huhtamaki Company has a stable chain of custody, which enables to trace and monitor sustainability of used resources and minimize ecological impact. This fact satisfies McDonald’s global strategy related to packing used in the restaurants. Production at the plant is in full conformity with food safety requirements.

Products pass daily quality control by physical parameters: tightness of cap positioning, cup leakproofness, print quality, etc. Disposable tableware is automatically packed in polyethylene film, which is unpacked only at checkouts in the restaurant. This is one of the factors which help to keep product’s hygienic safety. 

Coffee is supplied by Paulig Company. Coffee is sent in Paulig Espresso Originale coffee beans to McDonald’s. Coffee beans variety are mixed in exact proportions, roasted, then one part is packed and the other is sent for further processing – grinding. Each new beans batch is subject to compulsory degustation. High quality of McDonald’s coffee is confirmed by special UTZ CERTIFIED Certificate. This means that the coffee meets strict ecological standards and is produced under continuous control of independent specialists. It’s time to drink aromatic coffee! 

McDonald’s Coffee is made of traditional espresso mix, which contains two types of coffee beans: 80% Arabica coffee and 20% Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee is noted for its expressive aroma and fine taste. Robusta coffee gives strength and slight bitterness typical for traditional taste of coffee. Paulig Espresso Originale coffee has good consistency and intense aroma.